Saturday Art and Music Jams at Gallery Forty Two

Lee Tomboulian and Tim Nyberg at a Gallery Forty Two Art and Music Jam. Photo by Kelly Avenson.

“It’s like a dance,” says Gallery Forty Two artist Tim Nyberg, describing the practice of painting to live music. “I paint the mood, color, and texture that I hear in the music, and the musicians often improvise to what they see me painting. It’s all rather spontaneous, surprising and rewarding.”

Gallery visitors enjoy watching this “dance” and have enthusiastically awaited the return of Gallery Forty Two’s Saturday afternoon Art and Music Jams.

The Jana Nyberg Group will launch the second season of the Art and Music Jams on Saturday, July 5 from 1 – 4 pm. Other musicians in this season’s Saturday afternoon line-up are Woody Mankowski, Lee Tomboulian, Greg Pagel, Evan Montgomery, Derek Dreier, Ross Caterton and more.

Everyone is encouraged to experience an Art and Music Jam. Complimentary wine and coffee are served and admission is free. For more information visit or call 920.868.4567.