Sawyer Earns Black Belt

Karate student John Sawyer of Ellison Bay was recently confirmed to the rank of “Sho-dan” (1st degree Black Belt) in the art of Karate-do in recognition of the great progress he has made by his diligent study of the art.

Sawyer and his instructor Sensei Brad Elkins recently traveled to Fort Myers, FL, headquarters of the “Kurokawa Martial Arts Foundation,” to participate in their annual Black Belt Seminar and examinations. Sawyer’s present goal is to continue his training and attain a higher standard in the future.

Sensei Elkins holds the rank of 4th Degree Black and is a certified Master Instructor with Kurokawa Martial Arts. He offers private and semi-private lessons in Sister Bay.

For more information contact Senei Elkins at 920.854.7724 or via email at [email protected].