“Say Yes to the Paper Dress” a Success

On Sept. 14, the McMahon Barn hosted the first ever “Say Yes to the Paper Dress” event in benefit of We Are HOPE Inc in Door County.

“Several years ago Debbie Frank (former owner of the Magic Jacket) and I (former owner of Viva la Cottage) talked about paper dresses, and one thing lead to another and we decided to invite artists around the county to make ‘paper dresses,’” shares Angie McMahon via email.

Photo by Steve Frank.

The party included food from Nistebox (which donated 25 percent of their sales to HOPE).

“We weren’t sure if we would even have 10 people show up and we’re thinking we had about 150 to 200,” writes McMahon. “Right away there was a warm and friendly, buzzy kind of atmosphere. At 6 pm, Sandy Duckett and Gina Wautier from HOPE gave a very moving speech about the needs in the county and how they have been able to help so many…with many still needing a hand.”

After auctioning off paper dresses created by the 26 participating artists including Cynthia Wolfe, Stephanie Evans, Claire Erickson, Kay McKinley, Martha Aurelius, Sydney Champeau, to name a few, the event raised $2,860.

“Not bad for a small affair and the first time out,” writes McMahon.

For more information about HOPE visit