SBAC Offers Blood Flow Resistance Training

Sister Bay Athletic Club (SBAC) is offering the newest innovation for health, fitness and recovery: B Strong Blood Flow Resistance Training.

With this training, an exerciser can safely modify blood flow in the limb during exercise to make the brain think the muscle is working very hard, even with low weight exertion. This allows a person to get a great workout with lighter weights, which is less stressful on the muscles and joints.

Gretchen Johnson, an ACE-certified personal trainer at Sister Bay Athletic Club, has used this training herself and with clients who are recovering from an injury.

“It’s amazing to have a tool that can help increase strength without having to add so much stress on my clients’ joints,” Johnson said. “A session with the bands is only 30 minutes, and we get a whole-body workout in. Most importantly, I love that these bands are safe.”

Sister Bay Athletic Club, 10581 Country Walk Lane, Unit 9, offers 30-minute sessions with a personal trainer and the Blood Flow Resistance Training bands for $35. Visit to learn more and sign up.