SBSF 2010, Thursday Night

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Wow, what a night! Door County’s Sturgeon Bay hosts the Steel Bridge Songfest this week and it all kicked off with the Listeners Appreciation night on Thursday. Free to the public. Lots of music everywhere you went so I missed a whole bunch, but what I did catch was amazing.

I started my night off at Glas Coffee House. The Hollands hosted the night of music there until 10p.m. A cup of coffee and great tunes were had. Laura Sovaskos who had roots on Washington Island was in town from Nashville TN where she now resides. Our own, Katie Dahl was there with Rich Higdon on bass. Craig Greenberg with Wally Ingram on percussion too. A great way to start off my weekend of music.

From there I moved toward downtown and poked my head into the Company Store where Adam Mackintosh was hosting the nights music. It was packed so I hung outside with a fellow photographer, listened to some great tunes, and snapped a few pics thru the window.

Poh’s was next on the list to catch Elliot Goettelman on guitar, Scotty Berendt, Curtis McMurtry, and others. More music was to be had so time to move on.

Cherry Lanes was the next stop where Right Rongly was playing. His music was very intriguing with being a duo. He used loop pedals and effects to make for a very unique and full sound. Catch him later this week if you can, he will not disappoint.

The night was still young so off to the Ladder House. Abnormal Cattle was on stage and I was able to catch a few of their powerful heavy songs.

The very talented Geri-X was next up. Wally Ingram backed her up on drums and Eric Mcfadden came up and played guitar with her too.

My excitement was building all week long for the finish of my night at the Red Room. My friends Jamey Clark and Rob Atwood of the Dirty Deuce are back in the county for a stint this summer as they moved to Austin TX this last winter. This is one of the biggest sounds you will ever hear from a duo. Rob can sing! He is very animated with his singing and is a showman like no other. Jamey holds a heavy and steady beat with backing vocals to boot. They always get the crowd moving and I love seeing them perform.

The night was coming to a close and Toivo took the stage. The crowd was moving and shaking with the tunes flowing. Eliot Hoover took the stage for the first time ever and added a little trombone to the mix. Wow what a night!

It was a very full night, but I feel like I missed a bunch with all the stories of the other bands and performers I heard about. That’s O.K. cause there are three more days of music to be had. Who’s next on the list to see?

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