Scandia Family and Friends in Latest Meadows Show

The next show at the Meadows Art Gallery in Scandia Village is Scandia Family and Friends. Every year the residents, staff, relatives and friends at Scandia Village take the stage to present the many different types of art they produce. The show features paintings, drawings, photographs, jewelry, fabric art and quilting.

The artists ages range from nine to 102 years old. Residents included in the show are Pat Smith (drawings, painted sculpture); Florence Thoms (painting, mixed media); Jeanette Reda (drawing, painting); Vivian Hannan (fabric art, quilting); Jane Maufort (painting, painted sculpture); Anita Beckstrom (painting); Gen Follingstad (mixed media); Cliff Darken (portrait drawing) and Shirley Rosenquist (mixed media).

Relatives, staff and friends of Scandia in the show include: Virginia Henz (mixed media), Connie Glowacki (watercolor), Franne Dickinson (pastel), James Colosimo (painting), Erl Sandstrom (photography), Dianne Saron (pastel), Deonn Cicak (mixed media), Barb Olson (jewelry) and Marcia Nickols (jewelry).

This show is ready for viewing through Feb. 22. The Meadows Gallery is open 10 am – 5 pm daily. Find it by entering through Scandia’s main entrance and turning right at the main hallway. If you have questions, call 920.854.4416 or 920.854.2317.

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