Scandia Residents Celebrate Diamond Anniversary

Bill and Betsy Olsen on their wedding day, Jan. 11, 1947.

Bill and Betsy Olsen are now members of that exclusive club of couples who achieve their diamond – 75th – wedding anniversary. They celebrated their sparkling day at Scandia Village in Sister Bay, where they’ve been residents since 2018. 

The Olsens met at Immanuel Baptist Church in Waukegan, Illinois, when they were in high school. They married on Jan. 11, 1947, at 18 years old. The couple, both now 93, raised their son and daughter in Waukegan until they moved to Door County 30 years ago. They both worked part time at Chelsea’s Antiques when they first moved to Door County.

“Even with COVID, we were able to put together a small celebration for them and their children,” said Marlee Sutrick, Scandia Village community and volunteer coordinator.

When asked about the secret to their long-lasting relationship, Bill responded, “We are both Christian, we went to church, we never drank or smoked. Clean living, that’s it, clean living.”

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