Scandia Sail Loft Becomes UK Sailmakers Door County

Scandia Sail Loft, a division of Scandia Canvas Works, is the newest sail loft to join the UK Sailmakers group and will be known as Scandia Canvas Works and UK Sailmakers Door County. 

“Our loft will work closely with UK Sailmakers Chicago on sail design and construction,” said John McMahon, president of UK Sailmakers Door County. “While we will continue to make sails, we will be able to supply our customers with quality dacron cruising sails, high-performance racing sails and hybrid woven sails for bigger boats.” 

UK Sailmakers Door County will provide sail cleaning and storage in its Sturgeon Bay loft location, as well as concierge service to pick up and drop off sails at yacht clubs, marinas and dealers throughout its territory, which runs from Sheboygan, Wisconsin, to Marquette, Michigan.

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