Schaefer, Overbeck Earn Top Football Honors

Southern Door’s Brodie Overbeck and Taylor Schaefer were among the most acclaimed players on the Packerland Conference’s postseason honor roll. Schaefer, a junior linebacker, was named Defensive Player of the Year, and Overbeck, a senior tackler, was named Offensive Lineman of the Year. 

Kewaunee’s Ayden Stangel, a senior, was named Defensive Lineman of the Year, and Kewaunee senior running back Anthony Jerabek shared Offensive Player of the Year honors with Clintonville’s Cole Rosenow, a senior receiver. 


* Indicates unanimous selection

First Team/Offense

• Quarterback: Mitchell Thompson, junior, Kewaunee

• Running back: Louis Hrabik, junior, Bonduel; Anthony Jerabek*, senior, Kewaunee; Taylor Schaefer, junior, Southern Door

• Tight end/fullback: Kyle Karnopp, senior, Kewaunee

• Offensive end: Ben Heim*, senior, Kewaunee; Cole Rosenow*, senior, Clintonville

• Offensive lineman: Cain Hall*, senior, Kewaunee; Mitchell Kinjerski*, senior, Kewaunee; Brodie Overbeck*, senior, Southern Door; Lucas Schroeder, senior, Oconto; Jon Sell*, senior, Bonduel

• Kicker: Maddix Mueller*, sophomore, Kewaunee

First Team/Defense

• Defensive back: Braiden Behnke, senior, Clintonville; Austin Fencl, senior, Mishicot; Ben Heim, senior, Kewaunee

• Linebacker: Louis Hrabik, junior, Bonduel; Luke Krueger, senior, Oconto; Sawyer Pribek, junior, Kewaunee; Taylor Schaefer*, junior, Southern Door; Logan Steinhorst*, senior, Kewaunee

• Defensive lineman: Brodie Overbeck*, senior, Southern Door; Jon Sell, senior, Bonduel; Ayden Stangel, senior, Kewaunee

• Defensive end: Cole Rosenow, senior, Clintonville; Lucas Schroeder*, senior, Oconto

• Punter: Mitchell Thompson, junior, Kewaunee

Second Team/Offense

• Quarterback: Jack Peterson, junior, Southern Door

• Running back: Riley Anderson, senior, Oconto; Jesse Morales-Hernandez, junior, Kewaunee

• Tight end/fullback: Aiden DeGrave, senior, Kewaunee

• Offensive end: Brayden Branstrom, senior, Clintonville; Drew Daoust, freshman, Southern Door; Gaven Vance, junior, Bonduel

• Offensive lineman: Lance LeGrave, junior, Southern Door; Kody Marchant, junior, Southern Door; Parker Perry, junior, Bonduel; Kaleb Rath, junior, Clintonville; Harrison Sauer, junior, Mishicot

• Kicker: Braiden Behnke, senior, Clintonville

Second Team/Defense

• Defensive back: Drew Daoust, freshman, Southern Door; Alex Fuller, junior, Oconto; Alec Guilette, junior, Southern Door

• Linebacker: Riley Anderson, senior, Oconto; Brant Cracraft, senior, Mishicot; Bennett Engel, senior, Bonduel; Drake Lorge, junior, Clintonville

• Defensive lineman: Willis Bloedorn, junior, Bonduel; Mitchell Kinjerski, senior, Kewaunee; Kaleb Rath, junior, Clintonville

• Defensive end: Tyson Bogacz, junior, Bonduel; Cain Hall, senior, Kewaunee

• Punter: Braiden Behnke, senior, Clintonville