Schenck Holds Hospitality, Retail Seminar at Landmark May 10

Schenck is hosting a complimentary seminar titled “Hot Topics in Hospitality and Retail: Is Your Door County Business Ready?” on May 10 at Landmark Resort in Egg Harbor. (This is a change from the originally scheduled date of May 8.) The seminar will be held from 8:30 to 11:30 am, with registration at 8 am.

The seminar will highlight issues impacting the hospitality and retail industry, including areas that should be addressed to ensure compliance with new and emerging rules surrounding tax and labor laws. Participants will learn about reducing risk in an audit, tip reporting requirements, recruiting and retention, and wage and hour laws.

Schenck presenters include Brad Sweet, state and local tax supervisor and former Wisconsin Department of Revenue auditor; Jason Kiehnau, CPA, shareholder and Hospitality & Retail team member; Debbie Bukouricz, CPA, shareholder and Hospitality & Retail team leader; Sharon Helms, CPA, CPP, payroll training coordinator; and Kailee Wahler, senior human resources consultant.

There is no cost to attend and continental breakfast will be served. To register, visit


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