Scholarships Available for the Ridges’ Nature Preschool

Enrollment is open for The Ridges Sanctuary’s nature preschool – Dragonfly Nature Play – which is offered Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, 9-11:30 am. Each semester runs 17 weeks.

The preschool offers children a vast array of things to see, smell, touch, climb, investigate, stand on, run on, sit on and talk about. The program helps them to focus their attention for long stretches of time and gain endurance, resilience and confidence as they hike, run, build and embrace all kinds of weather.

Dragonfly Nature Preschool meets at The Ridges Sanctuary and uses classroom space in antique cabins and in the Nature Center, but children spend almost all of their time outdoors, hiking and playing. Teachers are professionally trained in either environmental education or early-childhood education and have experience in both areas. The licensed preschool offers a ratio of 15 or fewer children to two teachers.  Scholarships are currently available. Register or request more information by contacting Katie Krouse at [email protected] or 920.839.2802, ext. 101.