Scholarships Still Available

The Ephraim Yacht Club still has sailing lesson scholarships available for 2014. The EYC offers scholarships to junior sailing students who are year-round residents of Door County. Scholarships include tuition discounted to only a quarter of the regular price, a free student membership, and a free textbook.

A typical two-week lesson session includes 10 days (30 hours) of instruction for a regular price of $330. Scholarship students receive the same 30 hours of instruction for $82.50.

The scholarship application process is simple, requires no paperwork, and is confidential. Scholarship students participate in lessons on an equal basis with all other EYC students. EYC membership is not necessary to apply for a scholarship. Parents who wish to apply for junior scholarships should email [email protected].

The EYC’s lessons include on-shore and on-the-water instruction, including nomenclature, sailing theory, safety, seamanship, boat handling, and boat care.

Lessons are offered during a nine-week period beginning June 16, in one-week and two-week sessions. Lessons are taught Monday through Friday both in the mornings and afternoons. Lessons are offered for beginners through advanced students, ages 7-17. For more information visit or contact the EYC at [email protected].