Schopf Seated as Egg Harbor Town Board Chair

Former Egg Harbor Fire Chief Steve Schopf is the new Egg Harbor Town Board Chair following the death of Paul Peterson.

Peterson, 70, who began serving as town chair in 2007, died unexpectedly, at home on Oct. 13. 

Schopf said in terms of town business, he’ll always remember Peterson for his prioritization of maintaining and improving roads.

“I personally think we have one of the best road systems in the county, if not the state,” Schopf said.

Randy Nesbitt, who had worked as the town’s attorney during Peterson’s tenure on the board, wrote on Peterson’s Tribute Wall at the Huehns Funeral Home website that he “enjoyed the back and forth discussions that we had on how things should go. Paul was a strong proponent of getting good value for taxpayer money, and he advocated for that at every opportunity. I will miss working with him. The town, and many throughout the county, will miss his guidance.”

Schopf offered to step up from his town board supervisor seat to the chairmanship, and said he soon found out the position comes with more duties than he realized. Next up for the town is a major infrastructure project – making high-speed internet service available for all businesses and residences in town. 

A lifelong town resident – except for months spent in Sturgeon Bay while his house was under construction – Schopf has spent many years working on his parents’ and brother’s farm, and also worked at a local automobile dealership. Schopf served as fire chief of the Egg Harbor Fire Department for 11 years, retiring in 2020.

Sitting on a tractor and waiting to fill another hopper of corn while talking with the Peninsula Pulse by phone, Schopf said he is glad to serve the community.

“I like the town, and like to take care of it,” he said.