Science, Economics and Politics of Water Management

After working 32 years for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Bob Martini is far from retiring from advocating for Wisconsin’s waters. Employed as a Water Resource Scientist with the DNR, Martini was instrumental in employing the Clean Water Act in his home state by cleaning up the polluted Wisconsin River. Martini will be the guest speaker for “The Science, Economics, and Politics of Water Management” at the Kress Pavilion in Egg Harbor on May 16 at 7 pm.

Not only did Martini lead the team that cleaned up the Wisconsin River, he also researched the acid rain problem in Wisconsin, resulting in the first acid rain control act in the U.S. He also identified pesticides in the groundwater of the Central Sands region which resulted in the banning of aldicarb in the contamination zone and ensured public rights were enhanced at more than 100 dams in Wisconsin. Since retirement he has served as an officer on a dozen environmental and educational boards, including Greenfire, an environmental activist group of retired DNR scientists and other employees.

During this free program from the Door County Environmental Council, Martini will enlighten and inspire the public as to how the DNR needs to put science first to keep Wisconsin’s waters protected. For more information visit

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