Science Snippet: The Dumbest Dogs

The dumbest dogs? One dog expert and writer, Kelly Pulley, believes the following five dogs don’t have a lot between their ears. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are at the top of the list, and “if you look deep into their buggy eyes you will see that there’s nothing at the bottom.” Rottweilers come in second, and Pulley said, “You’re lucky if your Rottie remembers who you are.…” The Beagle is in third place, for they are slaves to their sense of smell and have limited learning ability. The Basset Hound placed fourth on the list. They can be trained to track scents, “…but they have minimal ability to deal with situations and learn new things, but they make happy pets.” Finally, the little Pekingese placed fifth. Pulley says they are dumb and stubborn and “…wish to believe they are in charge.” In spite of having limited vocabularies, all the dogs on the above list can become wonderful pets. (, Aug. 2012)