Science Snippet: Walnuts Are “Superfood for the Brain”

Rather than taking “brain-enhancing” supplements advertised on TV, here’s a tip about something much better for mental function. Scientists have described this delicious little treat as a “superfood for the brain” and a “miracle brainbooster.” In a scientific study, thousands of participants who consumed this food scored consistently higher on tests of memory, comprehension and speed of information-processing when compared with individuals who did not eat this food. What is it? Here’s the answer, free of charge. Walnuts! Other nuts are effective, but walnuts are best for the brain because they contain more brain-healthy antioxidants, vitamin E and folic acid. More important, compared to other nuts, walnuts are loaded with significant amounts of the plant-based omega-3 alpha-Linolenic acid, which is largely responsible for enhanced brain health. (Mind, Mood & Memory, Vol. 11, October 2015)

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