Scot Ross, Beau Liegeois to Attend Democratic Party of Door County Meeting

On March 22, Scot Ross will make an appearance at the Donald and Carol Kress Pavilion in Egg Harbor from 6 to 8 pm. Beau Liegeois, who will run for the 8th congressional district, will also be in attendance.

Ross, One Wisconsin Now and One Wisconsin Institute Executive Director since 2007, has served as a senior communications director and research strategist for numerous statewide campaigns and elected officials. He unsuccessfully challenged a 30-year incumbent Democrat for Wisconsin Secretary of State in 2006 and, consequently, now strongly believes in term limits.

While at One Wisconsin Now & Institute, Ross has overseen the organizations from a several hundred-member email list to Wisconsin’s most-often quoted progressive advocacy organization with more than 100,000 online supporters. The organizations’ work has appeared in thousands of media stories and Ross has been a guest on national television and radio programs including The Rachel Maddow Show, Tucker Carlson Tonight, Opening Bell with Maria Bartiromo and has been quoted in national publications ranging from The New York Times to The Washington Post.

The Kress Pavilion is located at 7845 Church Street.


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