Sculptor Bren Sibilsky Wins Two International Awards

Bren Sibilsky, an Algoma artist, received two awards in the recent Manhattan Arts International show, “The Healing Power of ART 2016.” The show’s purpose is to promote the scientifically proven fact that art heals by transforming one’s physiological state and perception. According to the curator, Renee Phillips, “Historically, Manhattan Arts International has attracted the most talented artists from around the world. This year the level of artwork surpassed previous competitions.” The online show started July 20 and ends Sept. 20. To view the show, go to

Sibilsky’s sculpture “Esoteric Promises” received a first place cash award and also the Carolyn Edlund Artsy Shark Featured Artist Award. The sculpture is currently in clay and will be cast into bronze.

When asked to create an artist’s statement for the show, Sibilsky commented: “Motivated to understand mankind’s place in the universe I use myths and stories to journey into our inner darkness in search of the blinding light of our truth. Using symbolism and the phenomena of nature, I seek to create works with permanent messages. We can find truth in nature, especially when it is charged with emotional energy like love. As a student of life I work with the alchemy of sculpture, forever amazed by the magic of nature. It is through empathy for this world that we can truly understand the ways of love and the laws of nature.”

Sibilsky’s studio/gallery is open to the public 10 am to 5 pm, Friday through Monday, May through November; or call for an appointment. For more information, email [email protected], call 920.487.4200, or visit

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