Seagard Shows Artwork of Old Sister Bay

Sister Bay artist Tom Seagard will be at the farmers market at Corner of the Past, outside of Sister Bay, on June 25. From 8:30 am to noon, Seagard will display and demonstrate his artwork, as well as that of his wife Brigitte Kozma.

Both artists have been Sister Bay artists for the past 46 years at their Mill Road Gallery in downtown Sister Bay. Both artists will have prints of their artwork available.

Seagard is well known for his wildlife images as well as the different subjects he paints. His work is done in mixed media and anything else he thinks will leave a mark when used. Subjects include all types and kinds of wildlife as well as trains, hobos, tractors, old gas pumps, Native American portraits and scenes of old Sister Bay.

During the Sister Bay Centennial in 2012, Seagard was encouraged and very much helped by the Sister Bay Historical Society to create images of old Sister Bay.

“The benefit I received from the historical society was invaluable. All the people associated with the historical society were the greatest. Fred Johnson was my contact man and I need to thank him,” said Seagard.

He looks forward to bringing the images of Sister Bay to the demonstration exhibition. He added, “I’m hoping for feedback and additional stories that give me new focus on a town I call home.”

Corner of the Past is located on Highway 57, just south of Sister Bay. Mill Road Gallery is located at 2328 Mill Road, across from the Sister Bay/Liberty Grove Library. For more information call 920.854.4416.

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