Searching for Surprise: A Fairly Tale

In Searching for Surprise, published by Third Step Press, author/artist Madonna Siles asks readers to imagine a life without inspiration, excitement or surprise. The book presents the 31st century, where humans have evolved into ultra left-brained creatures with a dwindling capacity to feel or express emotion.

Before all motivation is lost, the future human race sends an emissary – a most unusual muse – back in time to the 21st century. Her mission is to find and bring back artistic expressions of emotional energies to inspire creativity in the future.

Illustrated with plein air paintings of Door County, Searching for Surprise is an adult fairy tale, lightly laced with humorous social commentary.

A marketing communicator and pastel artist, Siles was formerly a feature columnist for the Door County Vacation Guide. She has been endeavoring to capture Door County’s energies in art and writing for over a decade. Siles is the author of two stroke/brain injury caregiver books: Brain, Heal Thyself (Hampton Roads, 2006) and Eureka! Memories and Motivations (Third Step Press, 2010).

Searching for Surprise is available for $14.95 at An e-book edition is offered for $4.95.