Secrets of Algae Revealed in Ridges Program

In Door County, most people know algae only as the “green, stinky stuff” that sometimes fouls our beaches. But algae are a diverse and complex group of plants, and many of them play important roles in terrestrial ecosystems. Learn more about this group of plants on Thursday, August 6 at 7 pm when the Ridges Sanctuary hosts “Algae:  Not Just Green, Stinky Stuff,” a presentation by Linda Graham and Shana Ederer at the Baileys Harbor Town Hall.

Algae are easy to overlook in terrestrial environments. But a wide variety of algae live at The Ridges Sanctuary, playing important ecological roles in picturesque places such as Solitude Swale. Come learn more about the algae that surround Door County, including how to see traces of these often-microscopic creatures with the naked eye.

Linda Graham is a professor in the Botany Department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her research focuses on the evolution of early land plants and the use of algae in biofuels. Shana Ederer is a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Botany and Statistics. She is currently studying moss and bluegreen algae at The Ridges.

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