Seeking Champions of Conservation

Do you know of an individual, organization or company involved in innovative initiatives or projects to improve the health of Lake Michigan? If so, nominations are now being accepted for the 2015 Lake Michigan Champions of Conservation, sponsored by the Lake Michigan Stakeholders and Lakeshore Natural Resource Partnership.

Nominees need to work with one of the following in the Lake Michigan basin: water resources protection (monitoring or improving streams, lakes or wetlands); environmental education and outreach (establishing or improving communication and education about environmental issues for the general public, youth and stewardship programs); or, land use protection and habitat restoration (focusing on improving land development decisions to restore and protect natural areas).

Nominations can be submitted online through the Lake Michigan Stakeholders website,, and are due May 1. Winners selected will be honored at the 2nd Annual Lake Michigan Day, Aug. 14, at the University of Wisconsin-Manitowoc.

Lake Michigan Day highlights the importance to the Lake Michigan shoreline and inland communities’ health and economy and the special connections residents have to this unique world treasure.

For more information, contact Jim Kettler at [email protected] or 920.304.1919.