Self-Certification Tool Now Available for Great Lakes Shoreland Homeowners

Tool allows quicker erosion fixes

Communities located along the shores of the Great Lakes have grown increasingly concerned about the water levels, at near-record highs, escalating erosion that threatens lakeshore properties. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) now has a self-certification tool available to homeowners to help protect their property without delay.

“We have heard from homeowners up and down the shoreline that they are losing valuable real estate to erosion, and each day that passes is one step closer to catastrophe. That is why we are providing this tool to speed up the process and get people the help they need,” said Amanda Minks, Wetland and Waterway Section Chief at the DNR.

The agency’s new self-certification form is for landowners and contractors. It is designed to inform the DNR of the strategy to protect a property and move forward with this critical work as soon as the form is submitted.

“Homeowners no longer have to wait for us to approve their work plan before moving forward. Instead, we will work with property owners on long-term permitting needs once their property is stabilized and the emergency event has subsided,” Minks said.

For more information or to find the self-certification form, the department developed a webpage with useful resources for homeowners and consultants, which is available here.