Senate Candidates State Their Case

Monk Elmer

All of my adult life, I have been about my family, medical practice and community. My wife of 27 years, Pat, and I have three wonderful children. I have been practicing as a Family Physician in Kimberly since 1989.

I am humbled by recognition I have received: Wisconsin Family Physician of the Year – 1998, Fox Cities Volunteer of the Year, Healthcare – 2001, Rotary International Paul Harris Award – 2004. After serving my community locally for 20 years I feel I will be a strong voice for progress in the Wisconsin State Legislature.

I am a career doctor, not a career politician. We face difficult challenges with an unprecedented deficit that Democrats and Republicans are responsible for. To solve this crisis, we need to find ways to give local control for providing critical public services in a more efficient manner. In the State Senate I will protect our families and defend our Northeastern Wisconsin values as we work to give Wisconsin citizens an efficient, performance driven government.

Our public officials should offer leadership, honesty and vision. As your State Senator, I pledge to be someone you can always be proud of who will gladly work with both sides of the aisle.

Frank Lasee

The growth – both in size and power – of the state and federal governments is very troubling to me. I want to reverse this trend and bring decision making back to the people and their local units of government. As town chairman I saw how it’s easier for people to be involved and affect decisions made by their local officials, than by decisions made in Madison and Washington. And importantly, people have a far greater ability to hold local governments accountable, which results in more citizen involvement and more honest, transparent government.

Our Constitution was written to limit federal government, to keep it from becoming the behemoth which today attempts to control and interferes in every aspect of American life. New federal rules require standardized street name signs everywhere! I believe our national government should follow our Constitution; it should protect our country, secure our borders, stop the influx of illegals, protect individual’s liberty and private property, respect states’ rights, encourage local control and self-reliance.

State and federal bureaucracies have grown, and every day these agencies grind out more rules, regulations and mandates. They increase costs, burden people and small businesses, and create a drag on job creation. They consume more and more of our tax dollars, and choke off more and more of our freedom. We need to get government out of the way and give people opportunity – that’s what leads to jobs, prosperity and an improved quality of life.