September Room Tax Collections Decline

Initial returns show what many already knew: September was not a great month for tourism in Door County. Occupancy rates dropped more than 5 percent, from 46.81 percent to 41.47 percent, versus the same period in 2007, and room tax collections slumped 12.8 percent, from $343,810 to $300,037.

The September numbers are skewed due to the fact that Labor Day weekend fell in August this year, so the drop is not as dramatic as the numbers indicate. Also, the initial report from the Door County Tourism Zone Commission (DCTZC) is not final. Each month some lodging establishments get their payments and information in late, and the numbers are re-adjusted at a later date. However, it appears September will be the first month to show a decline versus the previous year. The room tax was instituted in May of 2007.

Total room nights filled dropped over 7,000 from September a year ago, though the average daily rate jumped from $124 to $130. As has been the case each month this year, Sister Bay witnessed the steepest decline in collections, dropping over $2,000, largely attributable to the absence of Helms Four Seasons motel. Helms 40-plus rooms were torn down in November of 2007 to make way for the Waterfront Park expansion.

The DCTZC collects a 5.5 percent room tax, with 66 percent of the dollars collected going to the Door County Visitor Bureau for the promotion of overnight stays. Each municipality gets 30 percent of collections within their boundaries to spend as they see fit, while four percent of collections go toward the administration of the zone.

September Room Tax Collections

(September 2007 numbers in parentheses)

Total Room Tax Collected: $300,037 ($343,810)

Municipality Share: $90,001 ($103,143)

Door County Visitor Bureau Share: $198,025 ($226,915)


RTC = Room Tax Collected

OR = Occupancy Rate

ADR = Average Daily Rate

Baileys Harbor

RTC: $26,150

OR: 38.69%

ADR: $133

Town of Egg Harbor

RTC: $22,678

OR: 35.46%

ADR: $119

Village of Egg Harbor

RTC: $37,231

OR: 42.41%

ADR: $128


RTC: $52,432

OR: 49.08%

ADR: $134


RTC: $348

OR: 24.29%

ADR: $62


RTC: $59,470

OR: 53.34%

ADR: $133


RTC: $4,912

OR: 31.48%

ADR: $119

Liberty Grove

RTC: $19,263

OR: 27.80%

ADR: $118


RTC: $2,998

OR: 32.70%

ADR: $138


RTC: $23,608

OR: 42.62%

ADR: $155

Sister Bay

RTC: $45,802

OR: 46.60%

ADR: $129

Washington Island

RTC: $5,144

OR: 20.46%

ADR: $100

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