Server of the Week: Andrew Peot at Hatch Distilling Company

How long have you worked at Hatch, and what’s your favorite part about working there?

I started working at Hatch in July 2018 when it opened. I enjoy getting to be creative with the extensive cocktail menu and am glad to have been working at Hatch from the ground up.

What brought you to Door County?

I grew up in the county and attended Gibraltar schools K-12. I came back after college and decided to stay. I have a great job, and all of my friends are here.

What’s your favorite winter pastime in Door County?

I’d say playing cards at the AC Tap.

What’s the last thing you were really excited about?

I recently went on a road trip to Colorado and Utah. I’m also excited about working on the new Hatch menu.

If you had to pick a spirit animal for yourself, what would you choose?

Maybe a ferret? (Lots of laughter followed.)

This interview was condensed and edited for clarity.

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