Server of the Week: Dolores Spittlemeister at The Shallows

Dolores Spittlemeister @ The Shallows

For half a century Dolores has worked,

cleaning rooms at The Shallows Resort.

She’s their trainer extraordinaire, so

when guests arrive, there’s nothing out of sorts.


Her coworkers describe her as “steady Eddie,”

one who is patient and thorough.

She’s always at the ready,

once the guests go.

When she gets home from The Shallows,

before she can take a rest on the couch,

she catches up on her own housework.

One thing’s clear, Dolores is no slouch.


Her favorite escape is her garden,

where she grows a bounty of veggies to share.

She brings the extras to her coworkers,

just to show how much she cares.


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