Server of the Week: Don Jervis

Don at Town Hall Bakery has been in business since 1991, 
And from what I gather, those years have been filled with fun. 
(He collects hats and especially likes his UPS one.)

Described by a friend as “a guy who will help you out,”
Don’s favorite bakery item is the harvest muffin, with a doubt. 

He’s from New Jersey – specifically, exit 165. 
On cross-country or downhill skis, you’ll really see him thrive. 

Europe Lake is his favorite place to ice skate, 
And his piano playing? Well, it’s first rate! 

“I ended up in Door County,” says Don, 
“Because I fell in love with a baker,” 
and that was plenty to base his decision on. 

Don told his high school girlfriend that one day, 
He’d open a breakfast place and serve on weekends.
Now there’s proof. “He’s done it!” you say.

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