Server of the Week: Joe Smith at Shipwrecked Brew Pub

Joe, Joe, he runs the show. 

At Shipwrecked, you’ll find him aglow.

He expos and hosts and guides with ease. 

There’s more to Joe than you will see.

He sings karaoke with show tunes for free. 

He’ll be your partner if Hope agrees. 

He loves his job and employees the most. 

He’ll be glad to seat you and tell you a joke.

He’s been a genie, Ursula and more. 

He loves Halloween and Debra, of course.

So stop at Shipwrecked, and check out his wares. 

He’s proud of the trinkets and clothing in there.

You can see him at the village hall for a meeting 

Or Casey’s with April to round out an evening.

He’s a leader and friend, confident to no end. 

Politics suits him for his position because 

He loves the good life Egg Harbor has given. 

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