Server of the Week: Monique McCormack at Blue Horse Beach Cafe

Peninsula Pulse (PP): If you could eat/drink only one menu item at Blue Horse for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Monique McCormack (MM): Chuck Norris latte with sea salt on top. It’s an elite order, and whoever gets it automatically has my respect.

PP: What is your biggest pet peeve about customers?

MM: When customers get upset when there is a wait on drinks. We are sure to let them know before they order, and sometimes they get angry at us.

PP: What was the best thing before sliced bread?

MM: Irrigation.

PP: Is cereal soup?

MM: Absolutely not. 

PP: Besides great service, what is the secret to getting good tips as a barista?

MM: Just treat people with kindness and make stupid jokes! Also, look like a 14-year-old.

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