Server of the Week: Steph Yousef and the Door County Way

From a vacationer’s perspective

Traveling through Door County today,

we stopped for breakfast along our way.

The Morning Glory looked kind of neat.

So many cars … Would we get a seat?

As we entered, the server said with a smile,

“Have a seat, and I’ll be back in a while.”

The bustling diner was busy as heck

But our server was prompt with our food and our check.

The food was delicious; the service was great.

We left feeling full, nothing left on our plate.

Onward we went on our trek up the county,

Enjoying the sights and nature’s full bounty.

Our vacation was fun after hiking and biking,

shopping, and exploring all things to our liking.

We went to Al Johnson’s Stabbur for a brew

and saw goats on the roof – now that’s something new!

From a cheerful bartender we ordered our drink,

and looked at each other and together would think.

We said, “We know you! You’ve served us before –

at a small diner down south in Southern Door.”

To that she replied, “You’re absolutely right.

I work there some days and here at night.

To work at multiple places is the Door County way.

I also serve at Cedar Crossing in Sturgeon Bay.”

We watched in awe as she waited on each guest

and marveled at how she was put to the test.

It takes stamina to serve while staying upbeat

with difficult customers – now that’s quite a feat.

This server works three jobs to make a living.

We are in awe of her unselfish giving.

Our Door County experience broadened our view.

Our thanks to our servers – we’re grateful for you.

~ Written by Gina Guth

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