Server of the Week: Theresa Oswalt-Kromer

After a drive down south, you’ll find it tucked away:
A little restaurant called Waterfront Mary’s, right by the bay!

On the clock, you’ll find Theresa there,
Taking food orders and mixing drinks with care.

She loves her co-workers and the patrons she meets,
And in her spare time, returning to chat – what a treat!

She’s an animal lover with many pets –
Her dog, cat, hermit crabs and fish can attest.

When the weather is nice, you’ll find her at the beach,
Or finding a new place to travel that’s neat!

So come to Mary’s for some waterfront fun,
And say hey to Theresa, who is second to none!

Server of the Week is sponsored by Destination Door County. Winners receive a $50 Door County Gift Certificate.

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