Server of the Week: Paul Kasriel

Meet Paul Kasriel, Feed and Clothe My People’s sociable greeter,

He’ll gladly accept your donations as the merchandise receiver.

A retired economist with a passion for people and spreading good cheer,

He’s been dedicated to this gig for the past three years.


Paul is a community-minded man, helping people young and old,

You can also finding him tutoring fifth- and sixth-graders at Sevastopol.

A Learning in Retirement student and a current events junkie,

Free time finds him sailing on Green Bay or playing bass ukulele.


He’s a R.O.M.E.O – that’s a Retired Old Man Eating Out,

Great company for lunch? We have no doubt!

Paul still does economic consulting for a Neenah company,

And shares g times with his lovely wife of 50 years, Katy.

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