Servers of the Week: Rae Jungwirth, Adelle Carlisle, Dylan Weghaupt, Quentin Murre at Wilson’s

If you’ve driven through Ephraim this summer, you’ve no doubt seen the long line of people waiting eagerly to place their order for sundaes, cones and dishes of ice cream at Wilson’s.

This summer, the owners and team of young staffers at this century-old mainstay had to reinvent how they served their crowds safely, but they managed to do it all with a smile behind their masks.

On Labor Day weekend, Rae, Adelle, Dylan and Quentin found a short moment to pause for a photo before diving back into scooping duty!

Here’s to these four and the entire staff at Wilson’s – our Servers of the Week – for working so hard to keep our sweet tooths satisfied this summer!

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