Servers of the Week: The Crew at Nelson’s in Baileys Harbor


It’s the one-stop shop on Door County’s quiet side,

Where treasures of all kinds in hundreds of aisles hide.

It’s the Baileys Harbor maze you’re always glad to enter

Welcome to Nelson’s Shopping Center!


It’s been the heart of this little town since 1945,

A place where husbands go to get lost and their wives don’t mind.

No matter your intentions when you set foot in that door,

You’ll always end up buying more than what you came in for.


There’s more than hardware in this shop on the shore:

A wonderful staff to help you find what you’re looking for.

As Baileys Harbor prepares for its Nelson’s final days

To their staff, past and present, we just want to say:


Thanks for your service – may the best come your way!

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