Sevastopol 4k Registration, Developmental Screening

The Sevastopol School District will conduct a spring developmental screening and 4K registration April 5, 8:15-9:30 am. District families seeking to register 4K students for the 2022-23 school year are welcome to attend. Staff will be available to answer questions, and parents can visit 4K classrooms during this time. 

Beginning at 9:15 am, screenings will be conducted for district children as young as 3 years old who are in need of an early-intervention program. This screening is optional, is being conducted with other Child Find activities and takes about one and a half hours to complete. 

To schedule a screening appointment, call Sue Anschutz in advance at 920.743.6282, ext. 1132. 

Both the registration and the screening will take place in the Carl Scholz Pioneer Room at Sevastopol School, 4550 Hwy 57. Use the new south entrance to the school. Parking is available near the entrance.

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