Sevastopol Alumni Donate to School

Before the Sevastopol School referendum passed on Nov. 6, family members from some of the earliest graduating classes at Sevastopol School announced a gift in the amount of $5,000 to the Sevastopol School District.

James and Heather Lawrie Smith made the pledge in honor of his mother, Julia Washichek Smith, who graduated in 1927 and Heather’s grandmother, Vera Moeller Lawrie, who graduated in 1929. The couple’s donation is also being made in recognition of their children, Jessica Smith, Laura Smith, Meghan Smith, Roy Smith, Ana Smith and Dasha Smith, who are all graduates of Sevastopol High School.

“This is personal to us. We have a great family history here. We believe that Sevastopol School is a great educational facility and will continue to survive well into the future serving children for generations to come,” James and Heather said.

“I want to thank Jim and Heather Lawrie Smith for their generous support of our school,” said Kyle Luedtke, School District of Sevastopol Superintendent. “Student success has always been the priority at Sevastopol and this can only be achieved when families, community and school work together.”

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