Sevastopol Pay It Forward! Challenge

Sevastopol Education Foundation’s Pay It Forward! Fundraising Challenge will begin in August and culminate at the Sevastopol Homecoming Football Game on Oct. 7.

Pay It Forward! has three prongs: an Alumni Challenge, a Student Challenge and a Community Challenge.

For the Alumni Challenge, Sevastopol alum can perform an act of kindness for your alma mater by going to, click on “Donate” to Pay It Forward! and make a gift in honor of your high school graduation year. For example, Class of 1989 may wish to make a donation of $19.89 or $198.90 or $1,989.

The alumni class with the most dollars donated will be announced and honored at the Sevastopol Homecoming Football Game on Friday, Oct. 7. This class takes the grand prize of “bragging rights” for the Pioneer Pride that comes with making a difference for current and future Sevastopol students.

For the Community Pay It Forward Challenge, individuals or businesses can perform an act of kindness to Sevastopol Schools’ children by making a donation (one time or recurring – monthly, quarterly or annually). The largest community/business donation wins “bragging rights.”

This fall, Sevastopol students will have the opportunity to show their Positive Pioneer Pride by contributing spare change to the Pay It Forward! Coin Class-by-Class Student Challenge. The winning class gets a pizza or ice cream party.

To keep pace with advances in technology, and to maintain an excellent and rigorous curriculum environment, all public schools need reliable revenues separate from restricted public funding.

The Sevastopol Education Foundation is looking to the community to help invest in the students and the future of our community. Pay It Forward!

Separate from the school and school district, the Sevastopol Education Foundation, a 501c.3 organization, offers the opportunity for donors to make tax-deducible gifts for the school and to designate which focus areas receive those funds. Gifts can include monetary donations, memorial contributions, stocks or mutual funds, and planned giving; all tax deductible.

Donors have the opportunity to designate where they would like their donation to be used: greatest area of need or one specific focus area (science/technology, engineering & math; fine arts; athletics; facilities; or legacy/scholarship).

All monies received are directed back to enrich Sevastopol students’ experiences through grants for projects, equipment or programs.

Donations can be made anytime, year round. Only donations received Aug. 1-Oct. 7, 2016, will be eligible to count toward challenges to be announced at the Homecoming Football Game. Go to for more information.

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