Sevastopol Pays Last of Debt on Town Hall

The Town of Sevastopol is debt free! At the town’s annual meeting on April 16, Chair Dan Woelfel announced that the final payment on the town-hall loan was made March 1. Back in 2008, with a population of 2,600, Sevastopol voters agreed that it was time for the town to regain a physical presence. Sevastopol had been without a town hall since the 1970s and was instead using space in Sevastopol School and in a hand-me-down modular unit behind the school. A vote of the electorate gave the go-ahead to purchase a parcel between the school and the town park in Institute – a perfect fit. Borrowing of up to $850,000 was also approved to plan and construct a new town hall. Payments of principal and interest were made in a 10-year period thanks to the use of room-tax collections. In conjunction with the town’s sesquicentennial celebration in August 2009, the building was dedicated and opened. The town hall’s architecture is a wonderful accompaniment to downtown Institute and provides accommodations for elections, meetings, the Sevastopol cable channel and private events.