Sevastopol School Conducts District-wide Developmental Screening

The Sevastopol School District will conduct a district-wide developmental screening on Jan. 4, 8 am – 4 pm, in the multi-purpose room at school.

They ask all district families with children ages 3-5 who are not enrolled in 4K or Kindergarten, to consider registering for the developmental screening. The screening process encompasses a formalized and optional face-to-face screening with your child. The primary objectives of the district developmental screening are: to detect conditions interfering with a child’s growth, learning and development, and seek solutions; to increase parents’ awareness of physical health, development and learning readiness connections; to improve access to and encourage use of regular preventive health services; to link families to a wide variety of community programs and services; and to have children enter school ready to learn.

After your child completes the screening process, you will have the opportunity to review the results with staff and other professionals. This requirement applies to children not enrolled in school, as well as children living in our district who are enrolled in a religious, elementary, or secondary private school. For more information call Director of Pupil Services, Melissa Marggraf, at 920.743.6282 ext. 1111.

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