Seven-week Somatics Class Soon Begins at Lori’s Spa Essence

Lori Strantz, owner of Lori’s Spa Essence in Fish Creek, is offering a new seven-week somatics class series. Strantz is a Clinical Somatic Educator and Licensed Massage Therapist, and specializes in helping people to relieve chronic muscular pain and regain freedom of movement.

Somatic movement classes teach you how to relieve and prevent pain in a way that isn’t taught in regular exercise classes. This is not regular physical exercise; somatic movements engage your brain and your body to restore internal control of muscle function that we all start to lose over time.

Classes will target the areas of your body that are affected by stress, anxiety and injury. Strantz will lead you through floor-based, slow, gentle and enjoyable movements. There is no force or stretching in the movements and are appropriate and beneficial for all levels of ability.

Strantz will teach participants how to alleviate, prevent and reverse the chronic physical complaints that we often mistake as inevitable as we age. These specialized movements are neuromuscular re-education that creates permanent change through freedom of movement. Learn how to work with stress, trauma, and pain that can lead to stiffness, aches, limited flexibility, weakness, loss of energy, and inability to breathe deeply.

The cost is $84 for the series and includes take-home handouts. Preregistration required with limited space. The series takes place on Tuesdays, Jan. 10 – Feb. 21, from 10:30 – 11:30 am, at Lori’s Spa Essence in Fish Creek, 3290 Gibraltar Road. To register, contact Strantz at 920.868.9493 or [email protected].

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