Share Your Memories of Yesteryear’s Grocery Stores

We want your recollections of classic Door County grocery stores. Patty Williamson is continuing her series on Door County’s lost rural grocery stores and is looking for information about stores from the Sturgeon Bay and Southern Door County areas. 

If you had family members or knew people who owned or worked in any of those stores, or if you have memories of shopping at them as a child, please contact Patty at 920.839.9193 or [email protected].

Do you have memories or knowledge of these establishments?

• Ma Roberts on Michigan near 5th

• Al Hopp at 4th and Jefferson

• Halvor Anderson on 7th, and later on Jefferson

• Carol and Hazel Squite, across from the fire station

• Andy Jirovetz at 9th and Quincy

• Jack Hallet, then Audrey Parent, then Les Sternard, then Glo Watson (the By-Way Grocery), then Chris Watson (Neighborhood Pub), now the CVS pharmacy on the corner of 14th and Egg Harbor Road

• A&P, now Trattoria Dal Santo

• Hilbert Lodl, then Bluefront, then Mel’s Place 

• Lola’s across from Martin Park

• Frank Hobart on Maple by Corpus Christi Church

• Dud Lawrence Meat Market, now Wilkins & Olander

• Fritz Ripp on 4th by the Owl Tavern (Worley’s Bowl)

• Warner’s on Madison by Zoerb’s

• La Crosse’s (across the street from Sunset Park)

• Feeney’s on Colorado

• Fischer’s, then Roy’s Red Owl, then Piggly Wiggly

• Trodahl’s in Sawyer