Sheepshead Tournament at Door County Brewing Co.

There is a card playing revival afoot at Door County Brewing Company in Baileys Harbor where you can enjoy the age-old game of Sheepshead. From 1-3 pm on March 15 and March 29, seasoned players and beginners can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere and good cheer with table hosts Jordan Zacek and Barley Bob who will be on hand to help demystify the game and provide personal instructions and refreshers as needed.

Sheepshead, or Schafskopf, is a very old card game from Germany with many local variants and rules. If you have a unique way of playing Sheepshead, please come and share it with us. The Door County Brewing Company will host a Sheepshead Tournament on April 11. The format for this first ever Brewery event will be influenced by public input on the Free to Play Sheepshead Sundays. Tournament proceeds will benefit the Forest Recovery Project and spring tree planting efforts on pubic lands in Door County. For Sheepshead Tournament info, please contact Bob Bultman at 920.421.2283.