Shiloh Church Reaches 125-Year Milestone

The Shiloh Church Lot and Cemetery Association will celebrate the 125th anniversary of the dedication of the Shiloh Church building in the Town of Sturgeon Bay on Oct. 11, but no in-person events are scheduled because of the pandemic.

The current red-brick building was constructed after a cyclone blew down the original wood-frame church – built by the Shiloh Scandinavian Moravian Church – on Sept. 17, 1895. After a year of rebuilding, the current building was dedicated on Oct. 11, 1896.

The Shiloh Moravian Church congregation voted to disband and closed the church on June 1, 1975, but the Shiloh Church Lot and Cemetery Association – a nonprofit, nonreligious cemetery association incorporated in 1930 – still maintains both the cemetery and the church building.