Door County Photo Book – The Photography of Heather Harle Frykman and Lucas Frykman


115 pages of amazing photographs of Door County’s spectacular displays of light, nature, and charm from Door County photographers Lucas and Heather Harle Frykman. 

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This Door County photo book is the perfect gift for lovers of Door County’s spectacular displays of light.

Door County Living in Pictures, Volume II, is a collection of  the amazing photography of the husband and wife team of Lucas and Heather Harle Frykman. The couple has been capturing Door County photos since opening their first gallery in Ellison Bay in 2005 (which they later moved to Sister Bay).

This high-gloss Door County photo book features 114 pages of photos showcasing the unique eye and style of the Frykman’s – a bluebird in flight, aurora borealis, the stars encircling Eagle Tower, towering ice shoves on the Door County shore. The images are culled from the couple’s contributions to Door County Living magazine, and provide a coffee table reminder of the natural wonder of the peninsula found off the highways, outside the villages, and in the places where few people are present. The Frykmans take you there.

Find your new favorite Door County photo in Door County Living in Pictures – Vol. 2.

Patty Williamson profiled the husband and wife duo for the Peninsula Pulse.

Lucas and Heather Harle Frykman in their Sister Bay gallery. Photo by Len Villano.

They opened their first gallery at Berch Tree in Ellison Bay in 2005, the year they were married. They still own that location. “That is a real artists’ community,” Lucas says. “We used to get together a few times a year, and we miss those shared experiences, but we outgrew the wall space.”

The wall space in that first gallery was what prompted Lucas to get serious about photography.

“Heather was already an accomplished photographer,” he says. “If I wanted to get any pictures on the walls, I had to become as good as I could. I did a lot of research, looked at lots of good work and practiced a lot. I learned her style quickly, and it became not just a hobby, but a passion.”

“He started driving around with me,” Heather says, “and it wasn’t long before we had to get two good cameras – a pair of 5DMark II Canons with a variety of lenses.”

Heather is quick to point out that Lucas was always stronger in technical skills. “He still leans over my shoulder sometimes to check my camera settings.”

“Yes,” Lucas says, “but she has a real knack for composition. She can walk up to a scene and know immediately what she needs to do. She gets it in the first or second shot, while I may shoot dozens of pictures to get the best one.”

They admit to being “a little competitive” with one another. If one goes out alone now, the other thinks, “Oh, I may be missing some good shots!”

Meet the artists in this video produced by Peninsula Filmworks for the Door County Visitor Bureau.


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