Short Shots

For any of you that read the recent Player Profile of Ross Siegel (v16i14), and in light of the recent 59 shot by Paul Goydos at the John Deere Classic, you may have put together a very strange coincidence – a bizarre foreshadowing of sorts.

A few weeks prior to Goydos shooting the incredible and almost mythical score of 59, Siegel emphatically and without hesitation answered in his Player Profile that his favorite pro player is Paul Goydos. He even talked about starting a Paul Goydos fanclub (which frightens me to think that he may be serious).

In hearing his answer, I could not stop laughing. No offense to Paul Goydos or his family – but I thought of all the pro players, past and present – Jack, Arnie, Watson, Norman, Love, Couples, Mickelson, – he picks Paul Goydos?!

Well, I guess Ross is the one laughing now after Goydos becomes only the fourth player in PGA tour history to shoot a 59 (David Duval, Al Geiberger and Chip Beck are the other three).

That in itself is admittedly strange, but what makes it stranger still is that when asked his favorite golf memory, this is how Ross answered:

I was with my daughter at a Senior event, she was only about 10 or 11. We were standing at the tee and “Mr. 59” Al Geiberger teed off. Right after he teed off, he picked up his tee and handed it to my daughter.

When I heard of Goydos’ 59, and I recalled Ross referencing both Goydos and “Mr. 59” in his Player Profile – that’s when the Twilight Zone Music went off in my head. Shortly afterwards, I received an email from Ross, with the subject: “My Man Paul!” followed by a dissertation of Goydos’ amazing feat.

Siegel plans to attend the PGA Championship at Kohler this August, and hopes to get a photo with Goydos while holding his daughter’s “Mr. 59” tee from Geiberger. Siegel probably would have been the only person wanting to get close to Goydos a few weeks ago, but in light of his new-found fame, it may be a bit more difficult. Good luck Ross!