Sick Strings: Folk Bands in Door County

The weather is starting to get warm and the season is launching into full swing. What better way to celebrate than to listen to some live music? There’s a lot going on this weekend. Here are three bands bringing great shows to the county.

Rock Bottom String Band

If you’re looking to stomp your feet a little bit, check out Rock Bottom String Band at Door County Makers Space tonight at 7 pm. This band has everything you need — bass, guitar, violin, banjo and even spoons! Maybe what’s most important is the band’s energy, and they’re bringing it all the way from San Marco, Texas. They value the DIY scene and it’s brought them all around the country, sharing a healthy mix of Americana, folk, roots, bluegrass and more.

Dig Deep

You won’t have to dig too deep to find it in yourself to go to this show. Dig Deep is a string band from Stevens Point, and they’re coming to Door County Brewing Co. and Music Hall tonight at 7 pm. From the sound of their album, Dig Deep, these guys are going to be a hoot. It’s an energetic mix of all your favorite stringed instruments plus some gritty lead vocals. They’ve been known to “flat out rip it up on stage,” so I can only imagine this show will be a good time.

Birds of Chicago

Laid back, graceful and harmonious is what comes to mind after listening to Birds of Chicago. This group, centered around husband and wife JT Nero and Allison Russell, brings a mix of soul, rock, folk and gospel. They’ll be here June 30 at Fiddler’s Green in Washington Island from, you guessed it, Chicago. They released a new album, Love in Wartime, May of this year, so they’ll be bringing fresh tunes.

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