Silence is Golden

The radio in my 1992 Chevrolet Lumina, ‘the Lumi,’ has recently broken, so all I hear when I drive down the dirt road to Ellison Bay’s Door Bluff Headland County Park is the rumble of the engine, the somewhat alarming sound of a bad suspension, and my own thoughts, ‘What a lovely drive.’

I am driving alone, with a cup of coffee from Brew in one hand, the worn maroon steering wheel in the other, humming America’s national anthem. The leaves of the trees surrounding me are full; oranges and reds and yellows spill out over the light green leaves of summer, marking the changing of the seasons.

I soon realize I am humming “The Star-Spangled Banner,” and that’s not okay because I’m 25-years-old and if I had the option to play music I might be listening to something befitting my age and musical tastes, like Ray LaMontagne or the soundtrack inspired by “Grey’s Anatomy.”

But, perhaps silence is appropriate for the drive to the little park peeking over the high bluffs – it’s nice to take a few deep breaths and escape the highway, wear a scarf and drink coffee and immerse yourself in nature – frankly, there is hardly a park or road in this county that won’t be beautifully adorned by fall’s grand colors.

Suggestion: bring along some sturdy walking shoes. The park offers a rustic trail that overlooks the waters of Green Bay, winds through the forest, and ends at a clearing.

Door Bluff Headland County Park is located on Door Bluff Park Road. Take Highway 42 to Ellison Bay, a left on Garrett Bay Road, and follow the brown signs that say ‘County Park.’