Simple and Bold

Zane Statz and Ana Collins are the artists for the month of July at the Hope Church Gallery in Sturgeon Bay.

Graphic by Zane Statz.

Statz was born in Sturgeon Bay and a recent graduate from St. Norbert College with a degree in graphic design. “Art is a way of expressing an idea that words alone cannot illustrate,” Statz said. “I work in many different mediums because I am always eager to try something new. Bold graphics and texture along with a vintage aesthetic are primary features that show up often in my work. When creating my art I use layers and create a sense of depth, that when viewed will intrigue the viewer further. My creativity fuels my art and I have developed a passion in the process.”

Collins developed an interest in photography about six years ago. She says, “I had just been diagnosed with several chronic conditions that slowed down my adventure-loving lifestyle. Suddenly, the things I adored doing had to be approached in completely new ways.

Photo by Ana Collins.

“I discovered a whole new way to de-stress, and participate in the activities I loved again: stepping behind my Nikon D700, and capturing all the fun and feeling of those days, events, and people on film. I began taking classes online for fun, and teaching myself the finer points of style, shadow, light, and emotion. So when I opened the doors of Ana Claire Photography, I was ready to bring my keen eye for simple, natural, emotional photographs to the word. And I never looked back.”

Hope Church Gallery in Sturgeon Bay is open 9 am – 1 pm, Tuesday through Friday.