Sister Bay Advancement Association Receives JEM Grant for New Year’s Eve Cherry Drop

Wisconsin’s Department of Tourism awarded the Sister Bay Advancement Association (SBAA) a Joint Effort Marketing (JEM) Grant for the New Year’s Eve Cherry Drop event in the amount of $12,536.25. This grant is open to non-profit tourism organizations and offers funding to grow an existing promotion or event. It serves to reimburse Tourism Organizations for advertising in a new geographic market, for targeting a new demographic audience and for advertising placed in a new medium.

Last year the SBAA co-sponsored the inaugural New Year’s Eve Cherry Drop with FM 106.9 the Lodge-WLGE. That evening, more than 1,200 people gathered in downtown Sister Bay and watched as the giant sparkling cherry dropped during the countdown to midnight.

“We are honored that the Wisconsin Department of Tourism has awarded us this JEM Grant for the New Year’s Eve Cherry Drop event,” said Louise Howson, SBAA Community Coordinator. “We are excited to continue this new tradition and the JEM grant will make a big difference in our ability to attract visitors outside of Door County and make a solid impact on our local economy.”

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